No Aquatherm in 2018.
Reed announces development of new HVAC event format

VIENNA (27th June 2017). – Reed Exhibitions will no longer be staging the HVAC fair ‘Aquatherm’, originally planned to run partially parallel to the Bauen & Energie show on the 24th & 25th January 2018. “During the process of acquiring exhibitors for the Aquatherm 2018 it became increasingly clear that the existing B2B concept implemented for over 40 years had come to the end of its life cycle and was no longer sufficiently able to meet the requirements placed on a modern industry show. As organisers, we are well aware of our responsibilities and recognise the necessity of taking proactive measures. As a result, we have withdrawn the Aquatherm from the market”, stated Reed Exhibitions CEO Benedikt Binder-Krieglstein, as he explained the decision.

HVAC show indispensable for the eastern part of Austria

Discontinuation of the Aquatherm is in no way an indication that the HVAC expo theme has been shelved. “Not least due to the express wishes of sections of the industry itself, who believe it is an absolute necessity for the eastern part of Austria to have its own commercial event, we are now in the process of developing a new event format. The show will be based on an alternative concept, precisely tuned to the demands of plumbers, planners and architects”, outlined Mr. Binder-Krieglstein.

Special side events programme moved to the Bauen & Energie

Originally, the plan for 2018 was to partially stage the Aquatherm B2B trade fair together with the B2C event Bauen & Energie (25th – 28th January). All exhibitors who would like to address trade visitors and end users by showcasing their businesses at both fairs are being invited by Reed Exhibitions to consider the option of exhibiting at the Bauen & Energie. The organisers are planning a very attractive programme of events for trade visitors on the first day of the Bauen & Energie (Thursday, 25th January) to encourage even more industry professionals to attend the show. On current form, every tenth visitor to this Vienna building fair is a member of the related trades and industries. The Bauen & Energie is eastern Austria’s largest fair for construction-related products, trades and industries, and with 460 exhibitors and 40,000 visitors the show can rely on an immense usage rate. Approximately one quarter of the visitors take advantage of the fair to place orders and make purchases on site. (+++)

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